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An Educational Mobile App

To design and develop a mobile application for adolescents (age group of 10-19 year olds). The intention of the application was to teach the target audience about sensitive topics such as Consent, Sexual Abuse, Health & Hygeine etc. At the same time there was a need to create a Quiz to keep the users interested in learning more.


The entire workflow .

We started with conducting research - with various schools in Mumbai, to know what the adolescents expected from the application; what answers they were looking for and the user interface that would be most suitable for their interaction. Based on the results we understood the need to include an "Ask me Anything" section, where the users can ask questions anonymously. These questions are going to be answered by a group of experienced doctors handpicked by the client.

Also collating genuine information from credible sources - to create a strong repository of information on several sensitive topics was highlighted by the potential users, and hence included in the application.